The Three Pillars of Innovation

Numerous research studies consistently show companies that double-down on innovation during downturns, using the time as an inflexion point to reframe for an innovation-led recovery, outperform those that don’t over the long term. But, reframing in such a way requires the core pillars for innovation capability to be firmly in place and despite two-thirds of … Continued

9 Signs Your Industry is About to be Disrupted

With entrepreneurial successes such as Airbnb, Warby Parker or SpaceX taking over industries, the desire and ability to disrupt a sector via technological design is on the rise. Digitally advanced startups, entrepreneurs and innovators are disrupting the norm, in an otherwise controlled corporate industry, taking the lion’s share of markets and delivering far superior services … Continued

Building bold strategies, one hypothesis at a time!

With an abundance of global reports and surveys outlining the continued challenges faced by organisations in their quest to innovate, the single biggest issue we still see leaders make is not creating absolute clarity on strategy. And if you subscribe to the notion of “tomorrow’s prosperity is dictated by today’s leadership decisions” then innovation has … Continued

Why smart leaders are building innovation maturity NOW!

In the middle of any crisis, the leadership dilemma is always how to continue shaping the future while balancing the short-term need to navigate the current storm. The crash of 2008 was the last catalyst for step-change. Although it can’t be compared in the same light, we think the current COVID-19 pandemic will be the … Continued

Are you Aiming to Manage Change?

Before the COVID-19 lockdown, less than 1% of health consultations took place over a video link. Now video/internet and phone consultations are seen as the primary method of contact in the first instance between doctors and patients. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen public buildings repurposed as field hospitals, and factories retooling to produce … Continued

Are you Aiming for Innovation Leadership?

Are you ready to lead an innovation-centric organisation? Now don’t tell me that you are in a position of leadership so you must be! That’s a bit like saying you got a certificate for twenty-five meters doggy paddle in school and are therefore ready to swim the channel. Leading for innovation isn’t merely a question … Continued

Innovation Maturity; Stop Guessing, Start Measuring!

“Creativity without measurement is akin to chaos” [1] Please don’t take our word for it; this is a time when statistics can reveal far more than we perhaps want to admit. So let’s open by examining a few key facts, starting with a look at how innovation creativity, or the lack of it, impacts organisations … Continued

Unleashing Leadership Curiosity

How do you see your leadership role? Are you a numbers person or a detail devil, a blue-sky thinker, an enabler or a controller? Depending on your answer, we may need to have a quick leadership refresh. In the meantime, let’s have a quick chat about the sort of leader you need to be if … Continued

Aiming for a Future-Fit Strategy

“Not all innovations are created equal.” That comment from Jacquelyn Pless headlined an article outlining the MIT Sloan approach to innovation strategy. [1] As it describes three foundations for delivering an effective strategy, the report makes it clear that innovation is a process that requires management and measurement to be successful. The idea of successful … Continued

Why we need to AIM for innovation-led solutions

In times of great challenge human ingenuity comes to the fore. As an example, we traditionally seen wars as accelerators of technology. But they also act as incubators of real innovation, with nations as a whole looking to do more from less or find new ways of coping. COVID-19 is a new kind of enemy, … Continued

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