February 28

Innovation Culture – The Evolving Nature of Good Business

The Illusive Innovation Culture!

The culture of any organisation starts even before it is born and evolves over time. Every person working for the organisation, every interaction the organisation has with suppliers and clients influences its culture in some way. Sometimes the influence is positive, at other times toxic but the culture marches on, driving “the way things are done” and informing employee attitudes and actions as well as reputation, profitability and success. The wise leadership team knows that when changes are to be made within the business it is not as simple as sitting back and pronouncing “make it so”. All changes, no matter how small, need to be introduced with an eye to the culture and when it comes to radical transformations such as a move to innovation culture then the leadership team needs to be fully engaged in the process.

Is it Time to Move Toward The Innovation Culture?

So why move at all towards an innovation culture? Quite simply because innovation culture is increasingly the one factor which delivers market edge. With every employee playing their part within an innovation culture the business can become more efficient, more agile; in fact not only more responsive to the needs of the marketplace but also leading the charge to drive that marketplace forward.

Leading Business with The Best Innovation Culture.

Cris Beswick stands at the forefront of innovation culture thinking. As one of the UK’s foremost innovation culture thinkers Cris has worked with some of the world’s leading businesses to help them to embed an innovation culture within their organisation. Whether delivering a one day innovation culture seminar or working with the CEO and senior team to transform the vision and produce an innovation culture roadmap, Cris brings his unique blend of humour and insight, energy and enthusiasm into every task.

For more information on innovation culture and how it can transform your organisation browse the website or just get in touch.


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