July 22

Innovation is a Value

No matter how much we speak and write about innovation culture, it can be difficult to get past the misconception that innovation is simply another word for invention, concerned with bringing new products to market and little else. True innovation cultures step beyond the immediate product or service and look to solve real problems with purpose. This moves innovation away from the preserve of the few and into the everyday business thoughts and processes of everyone within the organisation.

That’s why events such as BEI2015 are so refreshing, seeking as they do to transform the innovation approach. In fact, BEI2015 aims to focus exclusively on execution, bringing real-world problem solving and case studies to the fore in a bid to accelerate innovation success. In advance of the conference, one of the speakers Senior VP, and Chief Innovation Officer of Cambia Health Solutions, Inc. Mohan Nair commented that “Innovation is a value, like ethics or teamwork” adding that innovation is a value and that means it belongs in the everyday and also that it belongs to the many not just the few.

“Innovation is a value, like ethics or teamwork”

Moving innovation into the everyday requires a structured approach which first establishes the strategy and then enables the CEO and senior teams to become innovation leaders. It may require new thinking and new approaches, it may even require a complete cultural overhaul; but when the result is differentiation, competitive advantage and growth allied to exceptional customer experiences then the effort is well rewarded.


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