July 24

Innovative Ideas Jam

Regular readers of our articles and blogs will know of the importance, which we place on businesses embracing Next Generation Organisation attributes in order to create game-changing, innovative ideas, products, services, business models and experiences. These attributes comprise intelligence, collaboration and adaptability; in combination enabling organisations to create powerful solutions to genuine problems which resonate with their customers.

When diving down into these attributes, one of the most difficult changes to assimilate is the idea that collaboration not only means the removal of silos within the organisation but also looks to draw innovative ideas in from customers, from suppliers, and even from rival organisations. We were therefore particularly pleased to see that UKTI is promoting the idea of cross business collaboration in their forthcoming ExportJam events.

Promoting the events, UKTI promise the participants the chance to:

“Network with businesses facing challenges just like yours, to share insights and experiences, and to collaborate with others to create prototypes of the products and services you need in the future.”

This in turn will enable a collaborative design team (The Ideas Lab) within UKTI to identify, test and to deliver new ideas that will create a step change in UK exports. The more that events such as these promote the idea of inter-business collaboration, the easier it will become for businesses to assimilate Next Generation collaboration attributes and start to deliver game-changing innovative ideas, solutions and experiences.


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