September 28

It Didn’t Work But It Wasn’t Wrong!

Just because it didn’t work, doesn’t make it the wrong decision because life and innovating is all about making choices. Sometimes we have vast amounts of data and external input to help us, at other times we simply go on best guess or gut feeling. But however we make the choice it is how we deal with the consequences which can set the tone for the future. And for those who are looking to create future success, one of the key learning points is that just because it didn’t work, it doesn’t necessarily make it the wrong decision.

Never has this been more strongly demonstrated than in the current Rugby World Cup. Japan faced an easy kick, England a much harder one; both could have kicked and settled for a draw but instead both went for the potential match-winning option. When those decisions were made, both sides had a split second to weigh up their chances, bearing in mind the way in which set plays had panned out during the match. One decision resulted in triumph, the other in a loss.

Were the decisions right? Well there are some who may say that both were right or that both were wrong. Irrespective of the outcome, what is important is the learning points, which can be drawn from the experience. And it’s the same in business. Those who treat unwanted or unpleasant outcomes as failures, as causes for censure will never learn. But those who treat every outcome as a potential learning point can use even negative experiences as a catalyst for innovative development.

Just because it didn’t work, it doesn’t necessarily make it the wrong decision. Sometimes the decisions which don’t work out can turn out to be the greatest future shapers of all.


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