August 14

Open to New Experiences

It’s A’ level results day and the press is full of those obligatory pictures showing pupils, teachers and parents jumping for joy. Whilst the majority of candidates have secured places at their university of choice some have headed to clearing, either because their results weren’t quite as high as expected, or because better-than-expected results have given them the chance to apply for alternative courses.

Luckily there’s plenty of advice available in the press and online for these candidates approaching clearing. Alongside standard ‘what do I do guidance,’ this year there is also a noticeable amount of coverage extolling the virtues of not simply trying to secure a like-for-like replacement course but taking the chance to look afresh at what options are available.

The fact is that the idea of a job for life is fast disappearing with those entering the workforce now expecting to enjoy a more portfolio style of career. Witness a CBRE report which in 2014 predicted that 50% of the jobs which currently exist will no longer be around in 2025. The pace of change is such that organisations, jobs, careers and interests are flexing on an ongoing basis to meet new demands and new social expectations. In business, innovation culture is now the name of the game and success comes through adaptability, being prepared to change and change fast.

Having to think again about a university course, seeing what options are opened up through clearing, is not a last resort; rather it is the first step in an exciting, fast paced lifetime of changing opportunity and new experiences.


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