September 23

Progressing towards Everyday Innovation

When it comes to pure innovation, the UK is doing pretty well. In fact, according to the recently published Global Innovation Index, the UK is the second most innovative country in the world, just behind Switzerland. Commenting on the result, Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said:

“The UK has an outstanding tradition in producing the very best in science and research, “adding “The government is committed to making Britain the best place in Europe to innovate, patent new ideas and start and grow a business.”

Importantly, the GII 2015 report not only ranks countries in terms of innovation but also shares key innovation messages including the importance of engaging stakeholders, developing an innovation ecosystem and nurturing collaboration. Highlighting this, one of the co-authors of the report, Bruno Lanvin, said:

“In all regions of the world, entrepreneurship, leadership and political will are making a difference regarding innovation.”

But despite this drive towards innovation, there is still wide confusion about the steps necessary to instil a culture of innovation within organisations. In an attempt to unlock Everyday Innovation and to break through the confusion, Wazoku commissioned a report which will be debated on Friday 5th October at the London Museum. Click here to join us for the launch of the report and the panel debate that will include innovation experts and practitioners from Wazoku, Cisco, Waitrose and The Future Shapers’ CEO, Cris Beswick.

The UK has always been known as a hotbed of new ideas, hence its ranking in the global innovation index. But if every business unlocked the potential of Everyday Innovation then the UK could truly be a world innovation leader.


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