September 1

Promoting Collaborative Innovation

One of the challenges which leaders face when they are looking to move their organisation towards a culture of innovation is that of changing the mindset from somewhere on the hierarchical silo spectrum towards one which is more collaborative. It’s not a change which you can instruct people to make; they have to be shown the way and actively engaged in the benefits which collaborative innovation can bring.

But whilst the innovation ideal may come new to those already in the workforce, businesses may well find that new entrants have already been exposed to collaborative and innovative activities whilst at school or university. For example, Edinburgh University has recently launched its own Innovation Learning Week. Taking place in February 2016, this week is designed to inspire, support and celebrate creative learning. For a week, formal teaching is replaced by a programme of events and activities in which “staff and students are invited to collaborate and explore their learning experience in a new way.” Collaboration, innovation and creativity will also be boosted with further events taking place throughout the year.

We have written on many occasions about the effect which Generation Z will have on the workforce as these technologically savvy individuals expect to be able to work in and with organisations which promote collaborative innovation. If every school and university followed the Edinburgh lead and took time to promote collaborative innovation ideals as part of the learning experience then the world of business could soon be a very different place.


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