August 3

Why You Need to be Adaptive and Changing

Are you prepared for the future? More importantly, are you prepared to meet and overcome any disruptors, which the future may bring? It’s an interesting question. The pace of change allied to the interconnectedness of the global village has resulted in a scenario in which your future disruptors can come from anywhere, and many may not even be in existence as we write. From technological innovators who could nullify your core product at a stroke to the business leaders who see expansion into new product lines as a natural next step; you may not be geared up for market leading agile change but they certainly are.

Even without threats on market share, there are plenty of other ways in which businesses that are not geared up to be agile may be under threat. Speaking to the UK Financial Services Cyber Security Summit, the Bank of England’s Executive Director – Resolution, Andrew Gracie highlighted the threats which businesses face thanks to cyber disruptors. Within his speech he listed four characteristics which he believes differentiate cyber from other threats to operational resilience. The second of these is that cyber is adaptive and changing and this means that organisations in their turn need to;

“Develop defensive capability that is adaptive and invest in threat intelligence.”

Whilst we would agree that being adaptive and changing is both a key trait of cyber disruptors and key to defending against cyber threats; being adaptive and gaining meaningful intelligence should also be high up on the list of traits adopted by those looking to create market leading services through a culture of innovation. Those looking to shape the future through the provision of game-changing products and services need to look towards Next Generation Organisation traits of intelligence, collaboration and adaptability if they are to stay ahead of the game.


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