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building a culture of innovation

To stay one step ahead of the competition requires you to embed innovation into your organisational culture because innovation needs to be embodied in everything that gets done by everyone who works there. By changing your organisational culture to one that supports innovation, you will remove the barriers that stop you responding quickly and agilely to changing market conditions and opportunities for growth.

Building a Culture of Innovation presents a practical framework that you can follow to design and embed a culture of innovation in your business. It includes case studies from international organisations which have shifted their focus to an innovation culture, including Prudential, Qinetiq, Octopus Investments, Cisco, Siemens, BrightMove Media, Waitrose and Feefo.

Building a Culture of Innovation is an essential read for business leaders and change implementation teams who want to place innovation at the heart of their business strategy.

Building a Culture of Innovation

Andrew Grahame

Co-founder, Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels

“Not just another innovation book but an essential practical guide for anyone who is looking for the framework to move from talking about innovation in the workplace to actually making it a reality."

Beth Robotham

Head of Business Development, Bupa UK

“Everything about this book is practical which makes it essential reading for both HR professionals and business leaders continuously adapting to growing regulation, digital advancements and new generations of consumers.”


In this short video Cris Beswick, co-author of Building a Culture of Innovation, delivers an overview of the book and why, as the book’s strapline suggests Placing Innovation at the Core of Your Business is so important.