Keynote speaker Cris Beswick

Books, papers, articles and blogs simply don’t inspire the way people do and as a leading expert on innovation Cris Beswick's keynote speaking style is not just inspirational, it has entrepreneurial spirit! Described by one client as the David Blaine of innovation experts you won’t box this speaker in for any length of time! 

Cris Beswick provides expert presentations and talks that focus on how competitive advantage and growth is delivered first and foremost through building a culture of innovation. As a thought-provoking, passionate and yet down to earth speaker, he mixes a motivational cocktail
of inspiration and practicality for audiences from national conferences to leadership teams of global top 100 companies.

He offers innovation keynotes and ‘keynote conversations’ on such subjects and topics as: Changing the World Through Strategic Innovation; What it takes to Shape the Future, Building a Culture of Innovation and Why Strategy, Leadership And Culture Should Eat Breakfast Together!

Doug Roerden

Head of Experience Design - FM Global

“This spring (2020), Cris Beswick, co-founder of OUTCOME, shared his priceless perspectives on Prioritizing Insights for Innovation at The Conference Board's Product & Services Development Council meeting. From his unique perspective, expertise, and experience in design, innovation, and executive consulting, he provided the council with a global context for innovation, a clear delineation between invention and innovation, and how to actually prioritize insights for innovation.”

Samvel Movsisyan

Founder - Leadership School Armenia

“Cris’ dynamic approach to teaching motivates and engages both students and teachers. In his recent lecture for the Leadership School Armenia, his formula for expediting learning and bringing success to everyone in the session was unbeatable. We all have a lot to learn from Cris, who is not only 100% professional, has the ability to inspire you to move forward in your leadership journey and make real progress.”

Keynotes with Cris Beswick

Cris Beswick provides expert presentations and talks that focus on how competitive advantage and growth is delivered first and foremost through building a culture of innovation.


Why Strategy, Leadership & Culture should eat breakfast together

  • In a fast-paced and conversational keynote, speaker Cris Beswick will explore the challenges of building the holy grail of competitive advantage and even business survival.
  • Cris doesn’t think culture eats strategy for breakfast but that strategy, leadership & culture should eat breakfast together.


Building a Culture of Innovation

  • It’s not rocket science but you do need to know what it takes and where the hell to start.
  • A pragmatic overview of how CEOs, senior leaders and agents of change can build organisation-wide innovation capability
  • Based on Cris’ bestselling book ‘Building a Culture of Innovation’, voted one of the top 5 books on innovation in 2017 by the Chartered Management Institute.



  • Why we all need to be a little bit more Martin Luther King and a lot more Einstein.
  • Why the challenges of the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world and building exceptional organisations means leading in exceptional ways.
  • That means making sense of the future in order to shape the future, being bolder than the competition and building an intelligent, collaborative and adaptable organisation.


Why Generation Z require Organisation Z

  • If you wrap up the characteristics of ‘Generation Z’ and apply them to organisations, you create an organisation that is ready to tackle many of the challenges faced by CEOs around the world.
  • Quite simply you create an organisation which is prepared to step up and meet the innovation challenges that define our time.
  • You create a human-centred, outcome-driven, Organisation Z!


Building a Next Generation Organisation

  • How do we use design thinking to create an innovation operating mode fit for the future?
  • Whether you want to be an innovation leader, a defender or a fast follower the core components of design thinking help us re-design how our organisations function.
  • In order to make sense of the future, stay aligned to ever-shifting customers & consumers, build creative capacity and operate at pace.


From Entrepreneurship to Intrapreneurship; a new approach to shaping the future

  • The best way for large, complex companies to compete in a VUCA, start-up-driven, disruptive world is not to fight the entrepreneurs that threaten their existence but to join them, to play them at their own game.
  • By building an organisation where intrapreneurs can thrive, companies not only leverage their assets and resources but tap into the latent power, creativity and innovation-hungry nature of their people in order to not just stay relevant but to shape the future.