So, do you really understand innovation?

So, if I walked into your office tomorrow, stopped the first person I came across and asked them what they understood your organisation’s innovation strategy to be, what sort of answer would I get? Would there be a blank look, a reference to one department or another, or a raised eyebrow followed by a negative … Continued

Gaining a competitive edge

Ahead of today’s Malta Innovation Summit I had the pleasure of being interviewed by The Times of Malta on my journey into innovation, why Innovation doesn’t happen overnight or at random and how can an organisation embed innovation into its culture? There is risk in the pursuit of innovation. But the big question is whether … Continued

Why Innovation Transformation Programmes Fail

Those of you who are regular readers of my thought pieces will know that I regularly reinforce the fact that ‘failure’ is a key mindset and component of the innovation equation. So, why do so many corporate innovation transformation programmes fail? Failure is supposed to be part of the formula not the end result, right? … Continued

Why innovation requires transformational leadership

“Transformations are no longer one-time initiatives” That quote from BCG [1] formed part of the conclusion to my article “The 3-D Innovation Culture Jigsaw” which explored avenues of approach for leaders who are serious about unlocking the potential that building innovation capability brings. One of the key messages from that article was the importance of … Continued

The 3-D Innovation Culture Jigsaw

You know that jigsaw that you got for Christmas, no not the 50-piece children’s one with large friendly pieces and obvious connections. I’m talking about the 3-D globe jigsaws that look great on the box but seem impossible to even start. There are no easy corners or edges and every piece seems to be connected … Continued

The Real State of Innovation Strategy, Leadership & Culture

We all know there’s nothing new about innovation, or even innovation strategy, leadership or culture. The truth is that as an outcome of creative endeavour, it’s been around since the age of man as we, ‘Man’ has always ‘innovated’ within the world around us, taking fire and using it for warmth and cooking food, shaping … Continued

The innovation risk vs reward dilema

Risk and innovation are natural bedfellows, as innovation is by its very nature something of a leap into the unknown. You’re doing something new and different, and the outcomes are far from guaranteed. It’s perhaps not surprising therefore that many organisations view ‘attitude to risk’ as a major barrier to innovation. I recently flicked back … Continued

Overcoming resistance in pursuit of innovation-led growth

When thinking about the resistance to change, especially that required in the pursuit of innovation-led growth, Machiavelli had it nailed… “There is no more delicate matter to take in hand, nor more dangerous to conduct, nor more doubtful in its success, than to be a leader in the introduction of changes. For he who innovates … Continued

Creating an organisation-wide innovation strategy

54% of companies struggle to align innovation strategy with business strategy [1] That was conclusion of PwC’s 2017 Innovation Benchmark report which also revealed that 65% of companies who are investing heavily in innovation regard the alignment of their innovation work with their overall strategy as their biggest challenge. Given the huge importance of innovation … Continued

Transforming organisational culture in pursuit of innovation

In my previous article, ‘Why building a culture of innovation is your competitive advantage?’ [1] I explored how building a culture where innovation thrives provides a clear and robust competitive advantage to your organisation. The most innovative companies, such as Amazon and GE, have innovation infused within their DNA. It isn’t so much something they … Continued