What mindset does innovation leadership really take?

In 2013 Nokia announced it was being acquired by Microsoft. At the subsequent press conference, then outgoing CEO Stephen Elop, a man that up to then had shown true innovation leadership, delivered a tearful speech saying “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”. Was he right? As a leader, did Elop and in … Continued

Innovation is the catalyst for organisational transformation

Change is widely seen as a constant in modern business life, but there are many reports and statistics showing the poor success rates of our organisational transformation efforts. For instance, a recent McKinsey report [1] puts the success rate at around 26%. Whether it’s John Kotter or Clayton Christensen, there seems a consensus that nothing … Continued

Rethinking training for empathy-driven innovation

You know the scenario. There’s a group of you sitting around chatting, mulling over the next steps for the organisation and out of that discussion an idea starts to grow. Maybe someone’s pointed to a problem or a discussion they have had with another member of the team or a customer, or maybe something on … Continued

Powerful innovation is empathy-driven innovation

It’s easy to think of business as a kind of zero sum world where for every winner there must be a loser. It’s the kind of world that sees business as a conflict, a battle between you and your competitors to be the ultimate victor. It’s a world that worships at the altar of Sun … Continued

The Road to Innovation, or bust

One of the great things about Christmas is the reappearance on the TV of all those old films which you first enjoyed as a child. The Sound of Music, The Great St Trinian’s Train Robbery, Monty Carlo or Bust; whatever your personal favourites, the chances are that a bit of channel hopping will bring at … Continued

The dinosaur wee solution

Water. At a fundamental level, it’s just a collection of molecules and yet without it much of the life on our planet would not exist. We drink it, we bathe in it, we irrigate our crops with it and we harvest the fish that swim in it and yet all too often we take it … Continued

Innovation, is it roast beef or Sunday lunch?

Innovation is widely lauded as a universal panacea, but what does innovation really mean, and do you really know what building a culture of innovation truly entails? And before you start thinking, why roast beef or Sunday lunch? Read on! Throughout much of the political uncertainty around the world today, one thing is clear is … Continued

Bringing intelligent insight to innovation

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune… And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.” Julius Caesar – William Shakespeare It’s some years now since I first wrote about the way in which the pace of technological development allied … Continued

Innovation requires real customer understanding

So, what do you know about your customers? Sure you may have some quite sophisticated statistical analysis programme which combines sales and store card data in order to track spending patterns for example, but in reality, how much does that actually help you to really understand your customers? Let me say at the outset that … Continued


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